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Birth of a vocation

Born on January 8 1954 in Falaise, Calvados, France, J. M. Letellier discovered paper at the age of 34. Between 1988 and 1992, he opened with Ana Barth two Calligrane shops in Paris, respectively devoted to Italian Fabriano papers and luxury stationary.

As an art director, J. M. Letellier soon became interested in papers made from different materials. As early as 1992, he opened the third Calligrane shop, completely devoted to hand-made papers from all corners of the world. Fascinated with the extraordinary diversity of natural fibers, he traveled throughout the world to select over 300 different sorts of papers.

His journeys led him naturally to explore the Asian continent, where paper craftsmen thrive. And there, in the secrecy of a Philippino garden, in the back of an obscure Thaļ shop, or in a crammed workshop on the Himalayan slopes, he observed with a professional eye the local production techniques.

Works of Paper