Art on paper
Hot wax painting


Works of paper

When he was not traveling, J. M. Letellier devoted his time to his personal work. First he explored the transformation of paper. Folding, resine inclusion and volumes. In his hands, paper sheets evolued into unique and original creations.

For example, he started from and modified the Japanese technique of orizhomono - dyeing resulting from folding - to create amazingly contemporary miniature sculptures.

Driven by his passion for this material, he tried to enhance it in all possible ways and started to create lamps that played subtly with light as well as the unlimited possibilities of the textures.

J. M. Letellier also paints and has produced a series of art works from Nepalese paper. Halfway between Michaux like tachisme and free calligraphy, his Indian ink drawings are a reflexion of his free and imaginative mind.

These spontaneous panels combine chance and organised regular patterns, which makes them both figurative and abstract representations depending on the artist’s orientation and each person’s imagination.

In the same vein, his hot wax paintings re-create calligraphy. Some patterns remind us of kangi Chinese characters, others of the buddhist ans shintoist circles.
Unlike in batik (a material painting technique), he does not take the wax out off the sheet. Thus the volume of the wax gives the material a stain-glass like transparency.

When Paper becomes Art